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Media Production

Learning to live, work and walk in balance requires knowledge and discipline. We help teach you the story of your purpose and bring an attuned synthesis to your life.


Many socially inspired entrepreneurs have multiple idea platforms finding it difficult to manage them.

With our propriety non-linear framework, we help you formulate a plan from desired objectives through to successful outcomes


The White Bear Medicine Wheel is based upon the traditional medicine wheel of native America. It shows how practical applications for today benefit from the symbolic representation of directionality.


You will learn how to incorporate the varied pathways of your core purpose into a focused composition for all aspects of your life.


You will have a powerful tool to bring balance and harmony into your life and business decisions.


Thirteen Moons

“Awaken, Activate & Align The Feminine” took participants through a yearlong, 13-moons cycle. Meeting each full moon each month, a deep appreciation for feminine symbols of the indigenous Americas was cultivated for personal growth.