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Testimonials about the Film Studio

Cinematic Day Camp


A Fantastic Instructor

June 2010

My son had an amazing experience at “2 Films 2 Weeks” camp. As one of four campers, he was able to learn each aspect of filmmaking by doing, from story development and storyboarding to acting, directing, filming, and editing. He had an amazing time and was so proud of what he and his campmates produced. Marinna is a fantastic instructor! I'm so impressed with what he learned and what the kids produced!

Marisa Chappell, Assistant Professor in History at Oregon State University

A Great Teacher

July 2010

Marinna was a great teacher. It was really fun. My favorite experience was doing the security cams for our second film, ‘Million Dollar Frenzy’.

Luke Scribner, 6th grade

Inspiring and Interesting

June 2010

I thought the studio session was fun, and informational. Learning more about camera work and film was inspiring and interesting. Being camera man was my favorite experience.

Georgia Ry, 9th grade

Taught Me A Lot More About Moviemaking

August 2010

It was a great experience that taught me a lot more about moviemaking. My favorite experience was getting to do more acting and realizing it’s actually really fun.

Sara Rhoades, 9th grade

Would love to do it again

July 2010

I thought it was a fun experience and would love to do it again. I liked the acting and filming.

Patrick McKillop-Bay, 6th grade

Great and fun

June 2010

It was great and fun the whole time. My favorite experience was making bloopers and putting sound in the movie.

Ben Merritt, 8th grade

Awesomely Awesome!

June 2010

My favorite experience was filming people with a camera.

Karl Merritt, 7th grade


June 2010

It was awesome--loved it. My favorite experience was doing cinematography.

Everett Chappell, 7th grade

Parent References

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