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Good for Our Clients


Successful Presentation

November 2008

What you did that helped my business: You helped me to organize my presentation in such a way that I felt confident I would be able to hold people's attention, cover everything I needed to cover, communicate effectively, and engage all learning styles. This added to my overall confidence about making the presentation in the first place. You gave me information about how various people learn and how to make sure that I had something for everyone. The resulting handout was a real hit with my audience!

Sheridan McCarthy
Meadowlark Communications

Visualize the Concept

November 2008

It is my belief that GREAT! ideas are floating around the airwaves more abundant than text messages. At every family function I attend I hear folks say "Someone should make a tool that......", at business meeting I hear "You know what we need is.....", I have even overheard folks in restaurants say "You know I thought of that first, to bad I didn't make a million dollars." The problem isn't the great idea, it is knowing how to pluck it from the airwaves, process it and figure out how to communicate it to others. I met with Victoria from AnOvation so she could help me organize my business. As I explained to her my business idea I could see her furrow her brow. I told her "Oh no, if I can't communicate my concept to you, how will I ever communicate it to my customers!" She patiently continued to ask me questions, questions that made me visualize my very own concept. As I did I found I could put into words what had been flying around my head making me crazy! With every question my I understood myself better, my communication of the idea became understandable and I saw Victoria’s brow raise slowly and in her eyes I knew "She got it!". The more we work together the more she helps me pull it all together. Teaching me to organize and communicate my thoughts has given me a sense of power that is as valuable as any revenue my business may produce. Thank you Victoria

Tami Anderson
NW Craft

Produced Executive Summary

October 2009

I contracted with Victoria to produce an Executive Summary for a business plan competition. She worked very diligently under an extremely tight time schedule with little guidance to get the job done. Timely! Effective! Efficient! And,a reasonable rate. What more can one ask for? I highly recommend working with AnOvation Group. First class results the first time.

Bill Ford
RNB, Inc.

Launch New Products/Services

November 2009

I hire Victoria/An Ovation on a regular basis to help me launch new products/services because of her innate gift for perceiving the heart of this entrepreneur’s vision and for translating key concepts into inspiring presentation and collateral materials.

Jean Bonifas
Springboard NW, LLC

Web Site

December 2009

Have a great idea to improve your business? Want to make a promotional video? Want to truly define your goals and stay on track? You need to see Victoria Martinez at AnOvation Group. I worked with Victoria to create a web site marketing our city, AnOvation Group defined the goals of the site; assuring that the media collateral, notably the videos, aligned with those goals. AnOvation Group organizes your ideas and implements them effectively. Even though the organization of ideas is not tangible, it your most important business asset. Victoria ensures that your actions are coherent and consistent with your business success. AnOvation Group keeps you on track.

Marti Staprans Barlow
Hospitality Vision and Oregon Digital City Guides


November 2009

As Victoria listens she encourages and inspires me. Victoria’s perceptions and questions are based on her knowledge and keen strategic abilities. I trust her wisdom and her confidentiality.

Suzanne Dalton
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Goal Setting

November 2009

In dealing with some recent personal and professional challenges, I found that Victoria Martinez of AnOvation used her expertise in goal setting and prioritization to help me focus on needed changes that have been of great benefit.

Shannon Young
Author of The Little Saguaro

Course of Action

November 2009

Victoria from An Ovation Group, LLC, gave me tools to truly see my strengths, my vision and my path for achievement. These tools incorporated non-traditional approaches to help me define my personal values. This significantly guided me to effectively decide on a course of action. I appreciate her candidness, compassion and wisdom she gives towards personal and business development.

Traci Merritt
Spirit of Place ~ Art and Garden Design/Creative Ambiance – Home Staging and Makeovers

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