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Media Production

Our media production division provides aesthetic support so that your message is not only authentic but beautiful. We find that relating to the customer in visually and aurally compelling ways offers them an opportunity to see what it is that our clients have to offer the world at large.

Our emblem is an abstract narrative entitled: “Our Solutions Emerge from Nature”. We have taken this from the fourth indigenous truth of Native America. Its symbol means that we have the ability to “see” our vision when we listen to nature and within.

Pre-Production Services

We provide clarity of focus. In today’s world, our messages must be succinct and powerful. We help you define what it is you want to say and what is the best method to transmit your message. We have expertise in lesson design, storyboarding, visual, audio, and presentation media.

Production Services

We offer high production value media to upload to your website and for your customers. We have a lot of experience with all aspects of narrative storytelling infusing cinematic style.

Post-Production Services

Our expertise in editing includes Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro platforms. We have musical intelligence, providing Avid Pro Tools services, as well as a learned aesthetic in composition and design to render a pleasing final product.