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Corvallis Summer Film Studio for Teens

The Director



Marinna has years of hands-on professional training in the different occupations of film making, producing, acting, writing, and review.

The Curriculum-- Overview

The curriculum is hands on and also theoretical. Hands on because we learn by doing. Theoretical because we intend to tap the profound desires of our students to create productions that move the audience artistically.

Students learn these roles

Production Team


The director orchestrates the production team as they play their various roles with an eye to details and the big picture.


Write screenplays and storyboards with Celtx.


Focus, exposure, panning, dollying.


Cuts, fades, sound-track, story-line, and timing using Final Cut Pro.

Sound Technician

Booms, wind socks, directional microphones.


Motion, emotion, words and expressions

Application and Registration

2010 Films Online

Films2011 coming soon.

Important Film Studio Information

Session Information

At this time, this class is not offered.

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