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We believe that education holds the key to the future on planet Earth. Education should be about enriching the human experience, expanding our perceptions, learning new ways to relate to the world and walking in balance.

Our members have extensive expertise in educational programming and services. Our passion, however, is toward non-traditional approaches to problem-solving. We’ve created a proprietary, non-linear framework to identify your value proposition, synthesize your ideas and outline rewarding strategies. Our desire is to teach individuals, and through them, companies to reach the balance point between being and doing, imagination and product, achievement and service.

Our emblem is an abstract narrative entitled: “Everything Is Born of Woman”. We have taken this from the first indigenous truth of Native America. Its symbol means all ideas, great and small are born from the womb of creation. Whatever we can dream, we can make happen!

White Bear Medicine Wheel Coaching Icon

Using our proprietary, non-linear framework, we help you problem solve to identify and prioritize your top objectives for measurable results. This can be done for an individual, a small business or divisions of large organizations. Our framework is based on ideas in Native American symbolism which include the color white (logic), the bear (imagination) and the wheel of directionality (movement).

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Woman Walk Softly

Woman Walk Softly is an instructional tool about the art of walking in balance on our Earth. Begun in 2011, its focus is to “give away” the thirteen feminine truths and alignment principles based on the thirteen moon cycle in a calendar year. The inspiration for the feminine truths focus came from Jamie Sams book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers. The blog draws additional inspiration from indigenous wisdom all across the Americas and beyond.

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Film Studio

This is an opportunity for middle school students to have a hands-on, art studio experience in the narrative, film-making process. Students produce two one to two minute films over the course of two weeks. From pre-production storyboarding through post-production editing on industry standard software, the culminating event is a “premiere” showing for family.

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