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Media Production

Finding your company’s “Path With Heart” and bringing balance to our Earth is your worthy mission. We help you get on track through strategic, business process-design.

Identifying your integrity points and then creating detailed maps, we guide our customers in planning innovative schema to achieve authentic and lasting results. We are passionate about global systems analysis and multiple projects.

Our emblem is an abstract narrative entitled: “All Paths Are One”. We have taken this from the third indigenous truth of Native America. Its symbol means that no matter where we are on the continuum of life, we can lose our self-importance and have compassion for others. Without judgment we work together for everyone’s well being!

Strategic Organizational Advising

AnOvation Group LLC assists organizations of all sizes, including sole proprietors, to achieve strategic marketplace growth.

  • Define desired objectives in relation to intellectual and tangible capital
  • Design prioritized organizational process or workflow matrix aligned to objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of completed and sustained actions
  • Adjust process in response to feedback to optimize results versus time and effort

Content Development for Effective Presentation and Teaching

Clients interested in creating new or fine-tuning existing presentations that enchant and educate audiences benefit from our managerial and team member experience in education and business, curricula development, and individual and team dynamics.

Analysis and Modeling

As of 2016, when Michael joined us full time, we offer these services. Currently we are developing R codes for analysis and presentation. Michael, while a Fulbright Scholar, developed custom GIS applications using DotSpatial and QGIS. We have expertise in server side business layer codes and the connection to secure and interactive browser side apps. We have done javascript web API such as Google Maps, and computer languages used in science. We use Microsoft Visual Studio (a community version is free) to leverage our expertise as it provides an advanced Integrated Development Environment for many popular languages, including Python, R, and Unity.


Clean Tech Open

AnOvation Group prepared an Executive Summary for a participant in the Pacific Northwest Clean Tech Open. “The Clean Tech Open is an innovation catalyst, providing infrastructure and processes to develop and motivate entrepreneurs and early stage companies creating clean, environmentally sustainable technologies.” (February 2010 newsletter)

Business Curriculum Development

AnOvation Group provided curriculum development for Springboard NW in customer service training for hotel management.